Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A towerific birthday and more skiing

You will have to forgive me for the title of this post...it is pretty bad, but Chris liked it. This blog is a wee tour of our local ski route taken from a day a week or two back after a some fresh snow fell. The sun came out so we had a glorious day up in the hills above our house.

This photo is where we start skiing, about 5 minutes walk from our flat.

A few hundred metres up the hill and over a ski bridge across the main road you reach a pretty lake called the Kyvantet.

Some way up the hill, you can see the domes of the observatories on top of Gråkallen Skifield.

Chris is getting thirsty

Last week was my birthday, so to celebrate Chris and I decided to ascend the Trondheim Tower! It is a budget, older version of the Sky tower in Auckland - but it does have a restaurant on the top floor that moves slowly around giving you a panorama over the whole city. We watched the sunset, then the twinkling city lights came on as it grew dark.

In this photo you are looking towards Bymarka. Our flat is right where the sun is setting.

The sun setting over Trondheim Fjiord

Munkholme Island sits a few hundred meters out into the fjord from the city center. Apparently it is a good place for swimming in the summer - a bit hard to imagine now!

So apart from the usual skiing we have been getting out on the bikes a bit now. Mostly just for commuting, but it is nice to be back on the saddle. We cycled out to an O training near the city on Sunday on a lovely fine day and it really felt like summer was on its way. However, the last two days we have had rain and snow again. I have to admit though...I think now we really are looking forward to the snow going. Yesterday we were actually excited by some green grass poking itself out from the corner of a large dirty melting snow mound.



Ruten - Mission Unaccomplished

A few weeks ago Chris and I headed out on a weekend skitour adventure with our friends Helen and Ally. The weather did not do what it was supposed to, so our goal to climb Ruten (a random peak Ally had decided we ought to ski up) had to be abandoned.

Chris and Ally reflect philosophically after we didn't get up Ruten:

However, the weekend was still fun - we hung out in the Græslihytta which Chris and I visited on our first ski tour after New Year. It was much faster to get up to the hut this time, due to firmer snow conditions we managed to halve our time up to the hut (about 50 mins instead of 2 hours). When we descended on Sunday Ally managed to get down (it was rather steep) in a record 7 minutes!