Sunday, September 20, 2009

Det regner ut!

Translation: It's raining outside! That has been a very recurring theme these past weeks. The leaves are turning yellow, orange and red and the rain is coming down in bucketloads! All this falling water has driven me to purchase these lovely new 'støvler' (gum boots).

However, as I sit and write this post the sun is shining down upon Bymarke making a very pleasant view outside my window. Chris has just won the yellow jersey in the Tour de Trondheim orienteering competition taking place on the other side of Bymarke right now. This information I have gleened from the brilliant technology of the cell phone - a technology Chris has only recently come to possess! But how nice it can be (-:

Chris and I have both been vey busy with work lately. (Some people may wish to print this post out so that that comment can be preserved for prosterity). Nevertheless, last weekend (and a few days prior to it) Chris found time to travel to the Norwegian National Champs taking place in Ålen, about 120km inland from Trondheim.

He had a disaster running in the long event on Thurs, with one 10 minute mistake! Horror of horrors. He qualified for the middle on Friday and then ran quite well in the final for middle on Saturday to get a very nice pair of wolly mittens! Mmmm.

The Wing club was staying in a cabin in Røros, which is a very pretty little town some way from Ålen. My plan, which was a tad unusual given the drizzly wet weather, was to bike to Ålen from Trondheim. It was actually the infamous Ally who gave me this idea, and yet somehow he ended up spending the day warmly ensconced upon his couch in Trondheim, hmmmmmm?

So, on my trusty red giant I headed out on the 122 km journey. I had some trouble following the wiggly windy cycle path (I wanted to avoid the nasty E6 highway) so it ended up taking me about 3 hours to cover the first 40km!

Luckily after I reached Støren things improved and the road was much quieter and much prettier. I wound up a valley with a railway alongside it and all the dripping trees reminded me so much of Arthurs Pass. After 7 hours on the bike, feeling rather wet and cold but pleased with myself, I arrived in Ålen and met up with the others.

The next day both Chris and I ran in different teams for the National Relay. Due to his bad performance in the long Chris was demoted to Wing number 2 team. Nevermind, he had a wonderful sprint finish where the commentator commented that the other guy was 'chanceless' against Forne, who went "giggle giggle". (-:

Start of the women's relay

Chris gets another prize...a woolly cushion!

We caught a lift back to Trondheim with Ola, who is a fantastic randonée skier, and we got all enthused about the skiing and fun to be had in the winter. Thinking of all this rain coming down as snow seems a much more exciting thing.

The orienteering season is almost at a close now, there is one more 'ultra long' event up on Bymarke again which Chris will probably be keen for. We have some plans for a sea kayaking trip, some blobbing around, and some hard work!!!

A nice view of Trondheim, with its egg yolk yellow houses
Ha det bra!