Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vindølbu Hut Weekend

Last weekend Ally Chris and I finally got round to our planned mission into Vindølbu hut in the Trollheimen National Park. We wanted a very easy randonee ski trip with lots of time to lounge about in the nice warm hut. We left Trondheim quite late after curry round at ours, and didn't finally arrive at the carpark until 11.30pm. But given that it had been pitch dark since 3 this didn't seem to matter so much.

It was quite magical skiing in the moonlite alongside a frozen river. There was lots of snow and it was super fluffy, so at one stage when I fell over I couldn't stand up again. Finally we made it to the hut for a midnight feast and off to bed under the ice duvets - it was about -8 inside the hut.

Nevertheless we had a very cosy night and woke late. The sun was shining on the other side of the hill so we chased it, but never quite got it. We skinned up a gentle hill side, unfortunately the fluffy snow of the night before had been damaged by wind, so it was a bit crusty. We had a fun but chilly descent, although for Ally on the split board getting up enough speed was a bit of a problem on the gentle slopes.

The little blob above Ally's head is the moon
Sunset at about 3!
Rather frozen we arrived back at the hut just it was getting dark and spent the next hours eating, knitting, chatting, playing chess and eating some more. The hut got up to an amazing 21 and it was about -15 outside!
The cosy Vindølbu
After another cosy night under the ice duvets we decided to take on the steeper and more treed slopes above the hut. IT was great skinning up through the forest and before long we had some precious rays of sun. We had a short but sweet descent, then spent some time videoing Chris and Ally throwing themselves off a small cliff (I will attempt to upload the video to this post).
Up we go - Ally in the front on his new split board

Skinning up into the sun

That rare and majestic thing - a sunray
We tidied the hut and skied out in the dropping temperatures, arriving back to Trondheim to a charming -17 feeling a little chilled - our hut weekend was a pretty cool way to spend the darkest time of year in Norway though. The temperatures have continued to decrease since, today was -20 all day! But on the positive side school holidays have just begun so I have 1.5 weeks off as of today. So I am sure there will be some more chilly adventures shortly to be posted on this blog (-:

Hello to the world

Trondheims Christmas lights, plus me in my trusty down jacket that has been my constant companion the last two months.

Hello to all readers of Emily and Chris's blog! I am sorry there has been such a lapse in posts, I'm not really sure how this occurred...but fortunately for you the drought is over and you about to be swamped with an amazing barrage of exciting posts! Well, maybe not a barrage but there will be many (0:

Chris spent 3 weeks back in NZ catching up with his friends and family and successfully reclaiming his World Rogaining Title with Marcel Hagner in the Championships that were held in Canterbury.

Chris and Marcel at the prize giving
Ian was also competing in the Rogaine World Champs and came 3rd in the Veteran category with Bruce Meder.

Chris brought a nice new camera back from NZ with him, so as soon as he got back he headed out and took some atmospheric 'dark' shots.

Dark and snowy is our land.

This was about 8.30 am.

The road to work is a snowy one!

I spent my time here busy with school, and a bit of climbing and cross country skiing - plus lots of social stuff - so the time went pretty fast. When Chris came back we went to his work 'Julebord' (christmas party) which was lots of fun and involved Chris wearing a tie! Then we drove to a ski orienteering competition in Vennebu (about 4 hours South).

The view from our window including our snowy wee car - poor thing he looks so frosty!

Chris ran from my school one morning down to his work place at Piren - it was just becoming light. You can see the fjord in the distance.

Helen and Ally came round for a Christmas feast before they headed home for Christmas.
We had 'secret santa' which wasn't very secret and roast lamb (-:

We competed in the long event on the Sunday. Unfortunately even though it was pouring with snow in Trondheim that weekend, Vennebu had an all time snow low, so there were a lot of rocks on the course. We stayed in Marthe's cabin with 7 others, so we had a great time anyway. Chris even managed to beat 1 Norwegian skier in the race on Sunday.

Ski conditions in Bymarke have been really good, so we have been skiing quite a bit - only now it is so cold that skiing isn't so good. Hopefully it warms up a bit soon! So now for the first new post - a weekend trip to Vindølbu. Happy reading!

Skiing through the forest one night we came upon this amazing Christmas tree!